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Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends...

We're so glad you could attend. Come inside, come inside...

We present a few choice snippets from the wonderful world of biking. The current news is featured on this page, and you can see previous Shouts as well.
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Motorcycle Luggage - Do You Know The Dangers?

Fatalities caused by bike luggage...

MAG is highlighting concerns from a member of a number of incidents where soft luggage on motorcycles, particularly Oxford Tail Bags, has caused riders to come off - on two occasions with fatal consequences.

A number of those injured, and relatives of deceased, are bringing claims against Oxford Products Limited. Due to either inadequate fixings, or inadequate instructions, the bags have come loose and then fouled the rear wheel of the individual machines causing a rear wheel skid

The company has been prosecuted and pleaded guilty to three offences under the General Product Safety Regulations and was fined £2,500 and ordered to pay £13,700 costs. It recently placed an advertisement in the motorcycle press to warn users - it's a pity that they did not do this earlier.

So there are two issues, firstly if you have one of these bags to be extremely careful in using it. Secondly, if you know of a similar incident please let MAG know - contact Trevor Baird, MAG Director of Public Affairs, or Henry Marks, MAG Chief Executive:
Tel: 0870 - 444 8 448
Email: or

Source: MAG (UK):

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Parking survey - the TRL again...

Remember Leg Protectors?, remember Motorcycle Air Bags? ('cos they couldn't get the Leg Protectors to work without them). Well, TRL - the body behind that fiasco - is running a new survey on motorcycle parking bays in London.

As first reported here bike parking bays in London are on the increase - if you check the links page, we provide a link to The Motorcycle Parking Website for up to the minute London info.

Transport for London has appointed Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) to undertake a study of motorcycle parking within the congestion charging zone. This will involve a survey of the motorcycle parking currently available and its use. The study will begin by identifying the location of all formal public motorcycle parking bays available both on and off-street.

Project manager Alan Tilly commented, "We're encouraging riders to provide us with their feedback so we can work together to improve motorcycle parking facilities in the Capital."

So, if you've got a favourite parking spot and want to announce it to the world(!) or if you've got a few helpful suggestions as to how bike parking could be improved you can contact Alan Tilly direct by either phoning; 01344 770 964 or email

The findings of the study will be published in the Autumn.

Should we trust the TRL? The VMR eds report a nasty taste in the mouth on mention of the name... But that's just personal opinion. What's yours? Let us know what you think via the Forums.

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Biker killed after Council delays gate installation

A biker was killed on May 27th at a known blackspot - shortly before the junction was due to be closed to prevent accidents.

Residents near the junction of Oxhey Lane and Rowlands Avenue, Hatch End, North West London, have been campaigning for years. They said a death would occur unless the road was closed to rat-running motorists.

The long-awaited gate should have been installed a year ago, but Harrow Council put it on hold due to 'funding problems'.

A car turned right, and cut across the path of David Nelson, who hit the car and died in hospital of his injuries. The car occupants were unhurt.

Harrow Council are quick enough to put up speed bumps without canvassing residents opinion (and in the ed's case without painting them for a few days either - great at night). Now a biker is dead for want of a gate. How much has that death cost? Cost estimates run at around one million per road death.

Police are appealing for witnesses (anyone with information should call Sgt Michael Knight (!) on 020 8246 9855).

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Two biker surveys: - give 'em your input

Two new surveys on road safety and carrying young pillion riders are receiving support from MAG.

Road Safety questionnaire:
This has been developed to complement an in depth analysis of over 1000 motorcycle accidents as part of an independent road safety study by Craig Bartle, a post graduate student studying for a Masters degree.

The Road Safety questionnaire can be found at - last response date is 23rd June. Or contact

Carrying Young Pillion Riders:
The questionnaire is aimed at gathering perceptions on the sensitive issue of transporting young passengers especially as the exemption from congestion charging is encouraging a more widespread use of motorcycles and scooters.

The Carrying Young Pillion Riders questionnaire, conducted by Angelo Muschitiello, can be found on this web page.

MAG's Director of Public Affairs says, "We need questions answered to get to the heart of facts and figures. Surveys and questionnaires are not the glamorous side of motorcycling but for MAG to continue its successful lobbying and research they are a necessity."

Virtual MAG Rep asks that you take a moment to fill out the questionnaires - all too often we're quoted statistics against our chosen way of life, so don't miss this chance to even-up the odds.

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MAG annual raffle winner 'over the moon.'

David Goyns of Northamptonshire is the proud owner of a brand new Yamaha R1, winning the prize in in MAG's Grand Annual Raffle.

The draw was made at the Welsh National Motorcycle Show in Builth Wells. The fifty five year old man who had recently sold his own bike is 'over the moon' with his good fortune.

MAG raffles a top flight motorcycle each year to raise funds. MAG wish to thank Corporate members Yamaha for their co-operation in the promotion of the raffle and insurers MAG Direct for providing one year's free insurance for the winner. MAG also wish to thank Riverside Motorcycles of Northampton for their assistance in delivering the bike to its new owner.

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