Virtual MAG Rep: Motorcyling news, events, MAG updates
Virtual MAG Rep: Motorcyling news, events, MAG updates
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Whats all this then? About VMR

What is Virtual MAG Rep?

VMR has two basic aims:

• To keep all bikers informed of events and legislation which affects our lifestyle.

• To maintain contact between bikers who've moved around the world.

We plan to use information supplied by MAG-UK alongside BMF, FEMA, FIM, NABD and other global Riders Rights Organisations, and present each item in a concise, interesting and professional manner.

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We distill the latest threats against biking, and present short chunks of info on the latest hot topics. This is done by email updates and site updates.

Virtual MAG Rep is a non-profit project, with the simple aims of helping people party on and ride on freely. We are NOT run by MAG UK itself.

Your Input

Please feel free to comment on issues arising from these pages. There are several Forums to which you can contribute. If you have comments or criticisms relating to the site you can email the organisers. If you're a Motorcycle Club or Organisation. you can add it to our links database.[NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

Finally, our existence relies upon your interest and commitment.
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Who's behind Virtual MAG Rep?

Virtual MAG Rep came from an idea by Pete, a former NW London MAG rep. People from the group are now all over the UK, and Pete started an email list to keep us in touch. This featured both biking news, informed the crew of events & rallies.

A website was conceived by Bill that would be open to all bikers, everywhere. VMR is run by Pete and Bill, also ex-NWL MAG. If you've got something you think we could or should have here, send it to us, or post a message in the Forums. All input is welcome!


Pete runs Hoop Creative, who offer graphic design, video, DVD, branding and identity.

Bill runs Alley Kat Internet, who provide web design, e-commerce, databases, applications and web marketing.

Alley Kat Internet

Hoop Creative
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