Virtual MAG Rep: Motorcyling news, events, MAG updates
Virtual MAG Rep: Motorcyling news, events, MAG updates
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Dangers of bike luggage

Bikers killed...

MAG is highlighting incidents where luggage, particularly Oxford Tail Bags, has caused biker deaths and injuries.

The Virtual Mag Rep Poll
How often are you stopped by police?
Car driving: Never
Car driving: 1 or 2 times
Car driving: 3 to 5 times
Car driving: More than 5 times
On a Bike: Never
On a Bike: 1 or 2 times
On a Bike: 3 to 5 times
On a Bike: More than 5 times

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Please only take part if you do drive a car, so we can get better results.

Parking survey - the TRL again...

The Leg Protector boys are back

The TRL, infamous for it's leg "protectors" for bikes, and bike air bags, is doing a survey on motorcycle parking. Oh good.

Full Info here...

Council delays, a biker dies...

'Fix' was delayed 'due to funding'

A biker in Harrow died after a blackspot 'fix' was delayed. Despite years of campaigning by residents and warnings of a likely death.

Full Info here...

Two biker surveys

Road Safety, and Young Pillions

Please give your feedback in a couple of surveys. We're always assaulted with anti-bike 'stats', so take the chance to help fight back.

Full Info here...
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